What is Staging?

                        Staging is the ART of presenting a home in the best possible way to ensure that the best possible way to
ensure that the buyer’s first impression is a positive and lasting one.


                                                                                                        The Key to Staging     

 *  Appeal to the widest range of buyers’ tastes so as not to limit the number of potential buyers
 *  Capitalize on natural spaces and architectural details
 *  Strategically place furniture and accessories so buyers can easily see themselves living in the space


Top 8 Benefits of Home Staging

Faster Sales Time
Higher Sales Price
 *  Distinct Marketing Advantage
 *  Attract a broader range of buyers
 *  Buyers feel home is well maintained
 *  Inspectors view as well cared for
 *  Often better appraisal value
*  Professional Image – better for photos


  Why I Stage My Listings

 *  Proven way to sell a home faster and for the best possible price
 *  Offer my sellers a value added service to make them more money
*  Market differentiator – a staged home
 *  Other agents have great confidence in showing my listings because they know what to expect

 When Should A Listing Be Staged?

 *  Before ANY marketing is done on the house … before MLS, flyers, tours, open houses, internet, etc
Why spend time and money to photograph a home that is not looking its best … 90% of buyers look at pictures on line first!
*  However … Staging a “stale” listing can give the home a “rebirth” and help to spark interest and curiosity

   Selling Staging to My Clients 

 Staging is a marketing tool, the same as advertising in the local paper of holding an open house
  *  TV shows, magazines and newspaper have created a buzz around staging … sellers appreciate that I’m in the know
*  I use staging statistics to help sellers visualize the return on their staging investment

  National Staging Statistics

*  94.9% of ASP (Acredited Staging Professionals)  sell on average in 35 days or less
Average Days on Market Before Sold on Non Staged Homes is 171.2 Days  AND   for Staged Homes is 35.6 Days
Compared to other costs associated with buying & selling, staging is reasonable and has a great return on investment


Videos of Some of My Staged Listings